الأربعاء، 6 يونيو 2012

(( The Next 5 Minutes ))

What is a personal ministry? It is the next five minutes …

We all spend time engaged in the various tasks of life. Some of these are by choice, others are out of necessity. What we do is the visual representation of our priorities. Fair or not people assume how we spend our time is who we are.

Let’s take a look at some typical uses. A few simple Google searches yielded the following tidbits:
The typical person spends
8.6 hours a day working or schooling
2 hours per day online
Of that 14 minutes is spent on Facebook
Another 13 minutes is spent on blogs like this one
101 minutes per day driving
At least 100 minutes texting (especially students)
66 minutes per day eating
66 minutes per day cleaning house
60 minutes per day in the bathroom
41 minutes per day at the movies
18 minutes per day looking for lost things

No matter what your actual averages, do they represent who you are? Probably not. Most of us want only to make a difference in the lives of those we love. We want our family, friends, community, and / or country to be a better place because we were here. In that sense, then, the amount of time we spend eating, cleaning, or looking for lost items makes little difference. No, more important than accumulated hours is what you do in the next five minutes.

You are not only defined by what you do. You are also known by how you do it. Your personal ministry is not what you are going to be doing next week, tomorrow, or even in an hour. Your personal ministry is what you do now, in the present, and how you incorporate it into your daily life.

Look around you. How will you interact with that person nearby? Will you be a good reflection of what God has called you to be? Or will you be an impediment? You have an option in each moment of every activity. You can make a difference immediately by smiling, saying “good morning,” or listening. How about pausing for 30 seconds right now and sending an uplifting text to whoever comes to mind. Each choice is made instantly in real time.

Proverbs reminds us to not walk away from others when we are at the current moment serving as the hand of God. Telling them “Maybe some other time” or “Try me tomorrow” is not an acceptable option when we have the ability to make a difference right now.

We are more than an accumulation of time in activity buckets or simply what we do. We are equally defined by how we are doing things in the current moment. Each instant provides us the opportunity to represent our faith in a favorable manner. Our personal ministry is a real time proposition. Don’t think about how you can serve at some point in the future. Instead, consider what your personal ministry can be in the next five minutes.

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